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Bringing new treatments to market often takes decades, leaving patients without access to life-saving therapies. Sitero offers a better way.

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Disrupting the Status Quo by Truly Harnessing Technology

In theory, advances in technology can improve and accelerate the clinical trials process at all stages. In reality, the life sciences industry is cautious about new tools and approaches, and many clinical trial service providers are rooted in traditional methods.

These barriers, and the human costs behind them, drove Sitero to create a more responsive, nimble model. Sitero’s founding team has extensive experience across the Life Sciences industry, leveraging their connections to build a deep bench of Subject Matter Experts and Advisory Board Members.

Sitero was founded with the vision of offering accessible services for Pharma, Biotech, and Institutions of all sizes. Sitero was built to deliver technology, expertise, and dedicated services for every customer across the clinical program lifecycle.

Driving Efficiencies in Clinical Trials

Today, Sitero is a next-generation clinical trial solutions partner, working with more than 200 Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Institutional Research Organizations globally. Sitero uses technology to drive safety, compliance, quality, and efficiency in research and clinical trials, so customers can bring life-changing treatments to market safer and faster.

With leaders in Technology, Clinical Operations, Biosafety, Drug Safety, Ethical Review / IRB, and more, Sitero draws on a deep well of knowledge to build solutions for customers. As a technology and service-oriented partner, Sitero focuses on forging strong relationships that can drive efficiency by leveraging next-generation software.

The company’s continued innovation is driven by its core mission: To advance clinical research with a next-generation, technology-enabled delivery model.

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