Academic by Design

Faculty Reporting transforms cumbersome academic tasks into streamlined processes that fulfill multiple needs from a single data source.

From accreditation compliance to annual reviews, Faculty Reporting improves productivity and reduces costs by efficiently collecting and selectively disseminating your faculty’s accomplishments.

Say good-bye to reams of paperwork, masses of email, and a catalog of staff complaints. Say hello to complete, relevant, and timely information delivered where and when you need it.

  • Designed for practical use
  • Priced for real-world budgets

  • Effective and Customizable

  • Faculty Focused, Secure and Fully Supported


Managing internships for all schools, departments, and majors is straightforward and efficient with Mentor’s Internship Management. A fully searchable database of internship sites with the ability to assign, track, and evaluate. Each administrator can enter and update their own internship records, assign students, and solicit feedback with custom evaluation surveys for both student interns and internship supervisors.


Completing evaluations is convenient for students who can access the evaluation survey from within the Mentor system or directly from an emailed link. Instructors or administrators can monitor student completion and set up automatic reminders or directly email students who have not completed the evaluation. Students can also be given access to selected report results if desired.


Committee Workflow Manager is a flexible and efficient application and proposal processing solution for academic institutions. Faculty committee members and professional staff can use Committee Workflow Manager to streamline the process of collecting and assessing internal and external submissions as simple as event registrations and as complex as academic job applications.