Sitero recently acquired the Clario eClinical suite including EDC, RTSM, CTMS, eConsent, and Site/Patient Payments. Learn more:

Access a single, centralized source of truth across your studies

With Mentor Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), gain access to a full-featured solution with rapid deployment capabilities, while minimizing the risk associated with a significant upfront investment. Mentor CTMS comes with an integrated eTMF and site visit monitoring to consolidate all operational data and manage trials efficiently. Our CTMS offers customers numerous benefits including easy and affordable third-party eTMF integration, unrestricted access, familiar Microsoft Office-based interface, and rapid implementation. A streamlined configuration process and standardized reporting package let companies get started with Mentor CTMS in 2 weeks vs months of a traditional CTMS implementation.

Added value capabilities include:

  • eTMF
  • Monitoring Visit Report (MVR)
  • Payment Module
  • Contact Management
  • Extensive Standard Reports

Sitero’s CTMS Benefits

Easy, Affordable eTMF Integration

Mentor eTMF clinical trial software can get up and running quickly and efficiently. Built on the same platform as Mentor CTMS and available with affordable add-on pricing, it maximizes value, minimizes headaches, and meets all regulatory requirements, with support for the most recent DIA Reference Model, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, or a complete audit trail.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Mentor CTMS is an intuitive end-to-end solution that brings control and efficiency for both data flow and workflow, and quality data to every study, yielding cost savings in time, labor, and operational expenses. This web-based CTMS and eTMF clinical trial software works on the go, letting you view and manage real-time operational performance —whenever and wherever.

Rapid Implementation

Easy to learn and use, Mentor CTMS and eTMF clinical trial software is quickly mastered, which speeds user adoption. It is mobility-enabled in support of the one-of-its-kind Monitoring Visit Report (MVR) module, allowing operational performance to be viewed and managed across programs and studies in real-time via secure role-based web access. Our streamlined configuration process and standardized reporting package let companies get started with CTMS, eTMF, or IWRS programs in as little as 2-3 weeks rather than the weeks or months of a traditional enterprise CTMS implementation.

Microsoft Office-based Interface

Sitero is an eTMF vendor and CTMS company that can transform a disjointed clinical trial into an efficient and cohesive work environment using the most widely used office productivity tools in the world: Microsoft Office. It allows you to leverage the Microsoft Office suite (SharePoint, Outlook, Excel, Word, Access, and Project) to access, update, and report on study data, as well as track and manage study activities securely and compliantly.

How Sitero CTMS Works

End-to-end Clinical Trial Management

Mentor CTMS connects the many moving parts of the clinical trial process and lets you monitor progress from a central dashboard. It manages the clinical trial right from the start and maintains role-based access controls across the continuum, from study design through close-out and FDA submission.

This end-to-end clinical trial management solution includes the tools to plan, startup, conduct, and manage your study, and complete monitoring and regulatory compliance activities. It supports every aspect: design, procedures, protocol, study arms, visits, forms, treatments, payments, and more.

Automated Workflows

Through automation, Sitero creates vast improvements in workflow to improve the way teams collaborate. All the moving parts of global trials and various stakeholders are connected by removing communication barriers and facilitating collaboration.

Logistical and operational data are centralized for streamlined management and enhanced control. Clinical operations and critical business processes across the trial lifecycle are aligned within the regulated environment. Original, modified, and actual milestone dates can be tracked across studies, countries, and clinical sites.