Clinical Services

Sitero takes a tech-forward approach to accelerate clinical trials. We offer a full range of clinical services, from discovery to delivery, all grounded in strong, communicative relationships.

Sitero supports early-phase studies through Phase IV clinical trials. Sites and sponsors of all sizes get the same focused attention with our flexible, scalable services.

Sitero’s unique structure and focus on transparency gives your team a strong, dedicated partner for all aspects of clinical trials. You get access to senior leadership, offering high-level expertise and support to enhance your study delivery.

Sitero Study vs. Traditional Study

Sitero Study vs Tradicional Study

Rapid Site Activation

When you partner with Sitero, you can activate your study faster, accelerate trial enrollment, maintain strong relationships with sites and collect higher quality data. Our rapid site activation gets your study running 25% faster than the standard startup time.

The right technology helps you make the clinical research process more efficient. Sitero’s Mentor Technology reduces manual work and improve data quality. Move your trial from application to approval with tools that improve compliance and data visibility.

  • 1

    Reduces startup timeline by average of 25%.

  • 2

    Enhanced site management improves patient enrollment timelines on average by 2 months.

  • 3

    Sitero Mentor Technology streamlines workflows.

  • 4

    Full site-Sitero-sponsor transparency activity progress via Mentor dashboards.

Clinical Services

Clinical Operations - Clinical Services Sitero

Clinical Operations

Our clinical operations team will work with you to optimize clinical trial design, implement patient-centric approaches, and guide you through the entire clinical development lifecycle.

Biostatistics - Clinical Services Sitero

Site support concierge services

Sitero offers custom ‘a la carte’ concierge support packages tailored to your trial and based on a site’s specific needs, such as additional program management, patient recruitment specialists, staff training, on-demand clinical study coordinators, and more.

Endpoint Adjudication Services Sitero


Be sure you are working with a trusted partner. Sitero’s Endpoint Adjudication services ensure the results of your clinical trials are consistent, accurate, and unbiased.

Biostatistics - Clinical Services Sitero


Sitero offers a full suite of biostatistics and programming services to support your clinical research needs across a variety of therapeutic areas and specialties.

Data Management - Clinical Services Sitero

Data Management

Our global team of clinical data managers, statisticians, and statistical programmers provides solutions that cover the process of collecting, validating, and preparing the data towards statistical analysis for clinical trials.

Medical Writing - Clinical Services Sitero

Medical Writing

Sitero provides high quality medical writing services for Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Health, and Medical devices companies across the Globe. Our team of well qualified and experienced Medical Writers have deep experience in writing Regulatory, Clinical, Scientific, and MedCom areas.