Mentor COI - Sitero Technology

Mentor COI

Mentor COI is a web-based solution that captures disclosures, flags potential conflicts, and automates reviewer workflows. Mentor COI is highly configurable and works for any size organization in any industry.


  • Efficient
    Automation saves time, reduces errors and provides time reporting.

  • Easy to Use
    Information, smart forms, document versions and training documentation in one place.

  • Easy to Manage
    Automated notifications, management plan and reviews.

  • Save Time & Increase Productivity
    Eliminate labour-intersive review and time-consuming manual processes.

  • Comprehensive
    Track monetary and time disclosures by entity and overall.

  • Enterprise Integration
    Single sign-on and integration of training and historical data.

  • Secure
    ISO27002 compliant, Amazon Web Services hosted, 99.95% up-time guarantee.

  • Reduce Risk
    Easy status changes, visualize potential conflicts, and track completion rates.