Sitero recently acquired the Clario eClinical suite including EDC, RTSM, CTMS, eConsent, and Site/Patient Payments. Learn more:

Proven, powerful and scalable clinical trial EDC solutions

Sitero’s Mentor EDC platform is a flexible solution that has met the unique requirements of both Sponsors and CROs for over 20 years. Our clients choose their preferred level of support, from build your own SaaS solutions to full-service support where Sitero builds and manages on their behalf.

Sitero offers a full range of EDC options, from complete SaaS to Full Service, all built on a single, best-in-class platform that’s been successfully used by leading Sponsors and CROs and proven across thousands of clinical trials worldwide.

That power has been harnessed to create easy-to-use solutions that are ideal for studies of any size, phase, or complexity, and for organizations involved in one or multiple clinical trials.

You can trust Sitero to help you find the right approach and scale it appropriately. With Sitero’s concierge-style services, you receive customized EDC support based on your specific needs:

  • Some of our customers prefer to manage the EDC solution themselves without big up-front costs or long-term commitments.
  • Some organizations desire a full-service partner — with a higher level of service and no day-to-day hassles — someone to build and manage their clinical trial EDC solution with fully integrated data management services.

Mentor EDC Overview

Sitero’s EDC suite of products provides a range of services that enable sponsors and CROs to get exactly the level of support they need to eliminate obstacles, operate more efficiently, and easily manage data for a single study or a global portfolio of clinical trials – all using a single, powerful, proven platform that combines deep EDC experience with impressive ease-of-use to put everything they need at their fingertips.

Mentor EDC has electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) to streamline data collection into a single, user-friendly application. Effortlessly manage Patient, Clinical, Observer, and Performance outcomes saving time and resources. Experience the power of a unified solution, elevating the quality of clinical research. Clinical Outcomes can be configured as part of your Sitero EDC implementation or as a standalone solution.

Our EDC provides analytics and insights that identify issues and help maintain the reliability of your data. Sitero’s EDC suite of solutions — delivered through a single, powerful, flexible platform — enables you to eliminate obstacles and operate more efficiently.

Full-Service Management of Clinical Data

Clinical trials are growing more complex, and all parties are juggling complex tasks. But consider offloading the clinical data management (CDM) tasks. You might just free up valuable time for your team to focus on the important things requiring their expertise. We’ll create an entire data management ecosystem for you.

We’ve done it all before: SOPs, automated listings, coding tools, dictionaries, macros, and more. With our nimble and scalable approach, you can:

  • Simplify data management
  • Maintain control of your study
  • Accelerate database lock and submission
  • Get access to one point of contact

Mentor EDC: Key Benefits

  • Scalable, can support single or multiple studies and trials of any size globally

  • Project Management support throughout the study lifecycle

  • Full-service support from experienced EDC builders

  • Experienced data management team

  • eSource made simple with easy-to-use tools for quick and efficient data collection

  • Zero downtime for mid-study changes

  • Embedded Outcomes data collection functionality

  • Built-in supply and randomization simplifying patient randomization and kit assignments

  • Integration with IRT for complex randomization, dosing, and kit assignments

  • Easily integrates with third-party applications and devices