Sitero Biosafety Services

What is Biosafety?

Biosafety is a framework that describes the use of specific practices, training, safety equipment, and facilities to protect workers, the community, local agriculture, and the environment from an accidental exposure or unintentional release of infectious material.

At Sitero Biosafety, we believe in safety first and compliance always. We want to partner with institutions and clinical sites to keep workers and the community safe. We are streamlined and efficient but uncompromising on our commitment to Biosafety. We are technology enhanced with proprietary software to make reviews and compliance easy to manage. Nothing is more important to us than people and communication.

Sitero strives to be a thought leader in Biosafety, giving back to the biosafety profession and the community.


Biosafety in Clinical Research Sites

By Sabena Blakeney, PhD, RBP

Biosafety Clinical Research Sites - White Paper - Sitero

Biosafety Compliance

All Sitero Biosafety complies and conforms with the NIH Guidelines, the 6th edition of the BMBL, WHO and ISO 35001.

We align with Biosafety and Biorisk best practices outlined by evidence, regulation, and professional recommendations. Sitero complies with all local, state, and federal requirements.

Biosafety Services

IBC Services

For institutions that manage their IBC internally, Sitero can provide committee support and coordination. This can be as little or as much support as an institution needs but can remove the need for a dedicated IBC coordinator on-site while also adding Biosafety expertise.

Biosafety Consulting

Sitero has biosafety professionals that can advise and assist in risk evaluation and mitigation. They can develop programs to promote safe microbiological practices, train on the proper use of containment equipment, and can provide advice on laboratory design.

Biosafety Training

Biosafety training is essential to a compliant and safe Biorisk management program. Education and training provides employers, managers, supervisors, and workers with the knowledge and skills needed to do their research safely.

IBC Resources

IBC resources, links, and FAQs to help understand how Sitero can help your IBC succeed.