Our Leadership

Sitero is a Next-Generation Clinical Trial Solutions provider that is re-imagining clinical trials for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Our team of experts brings an extensive portfolio of clinical research, life science consulting, R&D technology, pharmacovigilance, and IRB/IBC solutions to help deliver the best possible outcome for our customers. We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and providing unparalleled technology-enabled support and solutions.

Sankesh Abbhi - CEO Sitero



Sankesh is the CEO and founder of Sitero and is responsible for the strategy, direction and overall management of the organization. Sankesh was previously the CEO and President of ArisGlobal, which he successfully sold to Nordic Capital in 2019 and currently is a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to ArisGlobal, Sankesh founded and ran Synowledge, which he successfully grew and sold to BioClinica in 2015. Sankesh is based in Miami, FL and manages the day to day operations of Sitero LLC.
David Ingraham - President Sitero



As President, David heads Sitero’s daily operations and is responsible for achieving the company’s short and long-term goals and objectives. Prior to joining the Sitero team, David played various leadership roles in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences technology space, most recently as the SVP, Global Professional Services at ArisGlobal where he was a member of the Executive Team and played a key role in the successful acquisition by Nordic Capital.

We focus on innovative, technology enabled solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core strengths.

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Ashok Katti - Chief Technology Officer Sitero


Chief Technology Officer & President, APAC

Ashok heads Sitero’s technology offerings and global IT teams. Ashok is a proven Life Sciences and Technology executive with a long track record of building market leading software and playing an integral role in the successful growth of businesses. Ashok worked for more than 25 years at ArisGlobal and most recently held the COO / CTO and President of APAC positions, in which he led the operations and delivery through the successful acquisition of ArisGlobal by Nordic Capital. Ashok was also the COO of Synowledge and helped drive the rapid growth that led to the acquisition by Bioclinica in 2015. Ashok is based in Bangalore, India.
Sarah Ziegler - Vice President, IBC and Biosafety Services - Sitero


VP, IRB, IBC & Biosafety Services

Dr. Ziegler is responsible for leading the IRB, IBC, and Biosafety services at Sitero. Sarah was previously the Deputy Director of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) with the USDA where she supervised laboratory operations and Biorisk management. Sarah is an ABSA certified biosafety professional and is passionate about ensuring the safety of workers and the community during biomedical research. She has previously served as an IBC chair, Biosafety Officer and Responsible Official for multiple research institutions. She has also consulted on projects as an SME for Select Agents, Biorisk Management, facility design and Laboratory Operations. Sarah received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Biomedical Science and was a Post-doctoral Fellow in the National Biosafety and Biocontainment Training Program (NBBTP).

Curt Naser - VP Product - Sitero


VP, Product

As VP – Product, Curt manages the development, implementation and support teams for Sitero Mentor platform. Curt was a co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Axiom Mentor prior to the acquisition by Sitero. Curt has spent over 25 years working with Institutional Review Boards (biomedical, corporate and social science) as a bioethicist. He serves as a consultant for institutions on IRB’s and academic institutional research practices. As Chief Product Officer, He received his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University in Philosophy and was a professor of health care ethics for over 20 years.
Doublas Cory - VP - Software Engineering Sitero


VP, Software Engineering

Douglas Cory is the Vice President of Software Engineering at Sitero. In this role, Doug oversees technology services, development support, and product development teams. Leveraging a deep background in software development and leadership, Doug provides strategic guidance on application solutions, architectures, integration strategies, governance, quality assurance, and business support at Sitero. He is responsible for software product expansion and development across global markets, working closely with the leadership team to help customers achieve their clinical research goals. Doug was a founder of Phoenix Data Systems, Inc. and over the last 20+ years, he has held various positions at large pharma, and academic medical centers.
Kapi Patel - VP - Product Management - Sitero


VP, Product Management

Kapi Patel is the Vice President of Product Management at Sitero. She leads product strategy and innovation for the Sitero Clinical Mentor Technology product portfolio and works cross-functionally to plan and execute the initiatives. Kapi has a versatile background with extensive software development and operational leadership experience. She is an accomplished leader who develops strong teams and culture while delivering technology solutions to achieve strategic goals and customer satisfaction. During her career, Kapi has successfully led product management, software development, portfolio governance, customer success, application support, professional services, and IT Infrastructure teams.

Ajith Gopalakrishnan - VP, Service Delivery


VP, Service Delivery

As the Vice President of Service Delivery at Sitero, Ajith Gopalakrishnan leads our Technology and Data Management services and is responsible for the successful delivery of Sitero’s Clinical Trial technologies and services to our customers. Ajith is an accomplished technology executive with a proven track record and has deep experience leading service and customer success teams. He is passionate about building customer focused teams, developing transformative technology solutions, and establishing data driven culture within organizations. Prior to working at Clario/Sitero, Ajith was Vice President of Customer Success at Comprehend leading the delivery of cloud-based SaaS data and analytics solutions to BioPharma clients. Prior to Comprehend, he served as Vice President of Global Delivery and Customer Success at Saama, where he led the development of digital solutions for life sciences, insurance, and technology customers.

Abhishek Prasad – Senior Director, Validation Services - Sitero


Associate VP, Validation Services & Product Operations

Abhishek Prasad is the Associate Vice President of Validation Services & Product Operations at Sitero. With over a decade of experience in enterprise product delivery, he is responsible for managing and mentoring globally distributed validation teams. By establishing effective measures to improve the Validation Services team’s productivity, Abhishek’s teams help enhance product quality while driving operational excellence via automation. Prior to his current role, Abhishek spearheaded validation of all eClinical products at Clario while also establishing validation teams and processes for the drug safety solutions business unit as well as managing medical imaging, specialty software, data and analytics, and data sciences validation projects with his global team.

Joby John, Ph.D. - Director, Clinical Data Systems and Services


Associate VP, Clinical Data Systems and Services

As Associate Vice President of Clinical Data Systems and Services at Sitero, Dr. John manages our Mentor EDC/ePRO, eConsent, Clinical Data Management and Biostatics offerings. Dr. John is a senior clinical research leader with over 20 years of global leadership experience. She has worked with a wide array of global pharma companies, CROs, and FSPs and has been involved in building up and managing multiple clinical domain teams. She is passionate about clinical data management and its evolution and has presented/chaired sessions in multiple industry forums such as DIA and SCDM. Prior to working at Sitero, Dr. John worked with Clario, Bioclinica, and Accenture in leading large global teams delivering clinical services.

Takoda Roland - Director Clinical


Director, Clinical Operations

As the Director of Clinical Operations at Sitero, Takoda Roland plays a pivotal role in advancing Sitero’s goals to revolutionize healthcare through technology enabled solutions and patient-centric approaches. Takoda brings over a decade of experience in clinical research operations. With a strong focus on leveraging the latest technologies, Takoda has consistently excelled in streamlining clinical trials, standardizing data collection, and enhancing patient safety throughout his career. Takoda has been recognized as a published author in publications for SOCRA and ACRP and has delivered presentations at industry events such as Marcus Evans and DIA. His invaluable insights have also led him to provide consulting services to multiple clinical research start-ups, bolstering their success and driving innovation within the sector.

Neha Sood - Director, Clinical Drug Safety - Sitero


Director, Drug Safety, Risk Management, & Medical Writing

As the Director of Drug Safety, Risk Management, & Medical Writing services at Sitero, Neha Sood manages our Clinical Drug Safety offering and brings extensive PV expertise to Sitero. Her experience expands across managing all pre- and post-marketing PV operations with activities ranging from case intake to case submission, data-migration and safety database implementations, clinical trial safety activities, literature surveillance, aggregate reporting, safety evaluation and risk management, QPPV support and PSMF maintenance services. Neha was instrumental in establishing GVP Compliant PV processes for several global pharmaceutical companies in her previous roles and is based out of the United Kingdom.

Nagendra Shivaswamy - AVP & Financial Controller


AVP & Financial Controller

As the AVP and Financial Controller at Sitero, Nagendra plays a pivotal role in unifying all financial processes to maximize business benefits. With a focus on fostering stronger strategic alliances, Nagendra’s expertise enhances the financial landscape of our organization. Previously, Nagendra served as the Global Financial Controller at ArisGlobal, where he was instrumental in establishing global process verticals (Centers of Excellence), automating processes, and integrating finance systems. Nagendra firmly believes in fostering effective communication and ensuring that financial insights are accessible to all stakeholders. His passion for harnessing technology’s potential drives innovative financial solutions and supports our organization’s vision for the future.

Sunil Pandita - Director of Quality Assurance - Sitero


Director of Quality Assurance

Sunil Pandita brings over 17 years of experience as a Quality Assurance Leader, with a proven track record of excellence in overseeing quality functions within the clinical domain. As the Director of Quality Assurance at Sitero, Sunil plays a pivotal role in managing our Quality Assurance and Information Security initiatives. Sunil’s expertise encompasses the comprehensive management of quality across GxP systems, including the meticulous oversight of clinical trials, CRO operations, and regulatory inspections. In addition, Sunil is also an ISO13485 Certified lead auditor, further underscoring his commitment to excellence and adherence to industry best practices. With his leadership, Sitero continues to thrive in delivering unparalleled quality and reliability to our clients and stakeholders.