Sitero recently acquired the Clario eClinical suite including EDC, RTSM, CTMS, eConsent, and Site/Patient Payments. Learn more:

Consent forms are one of the first and most important patient touch points.

Sitero’s unique eConsent offering is adaptable and made for modern clinical trials. It is designed to meet the real-world needs of sponsors, CROs, sites, IRBs, and, most importantly, trial participants.

Learn how Mentor eConsent is creating the future of clinical trials by converting complex paper documents into usable digital content. Sitero is dedicated to improving site and patient experiences by truly harnessing technology.

Mentor eConsent Benefits

Clear for participants

  • Participant-centric process that is easy to understand and use, whether in the clinic or remote

Practical for Sites

  • Better-informed study participants
  • Increased retention and enhanced interactions
  • A decrease in the staff time required

Powerful for Sponsors/CROs

  • Signing out multiple documents to a single site or subject
  • Easy handling of documented signatures
  • Managing multiple IRBs in one study

Useful for IRBs

  • Support for every step in the process, full audit trails, and a true patient experience

Easy Setup

  • Easily integrates with Mentor EDC and ePRO as well as third-party solutions
  • Seamless implementation

eConsent Improves Customer Care and Value.

What do you get with Sitero eConsent besides advanced functionality and ease of use?

  • Consent workflow for participants, sites, IRBs/ECs and sponsors
  • User-friendly, intuitive workflow
  • Go live in less than 3 weeks
  • Seamless integrations with third-party products