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Focus on the science, not the accounts.

Clinical trials are increasingly complex, complicating the generation and tracking of payments to both sites and patients. Manual payment processes lack transparency, are unmanageable, not scalable, and error-prone, resulting in clinical research associates and project managers spending up to 40% of their time managing this effort. Late and incorrect payments can also result in fewer sites willing to participate in your clinical trials.

Mentor Payments Benefits

As the leading innovator in financial software supporting clinical trials and research, Sitero offers the industry’s only purpose-built, fully integrated, an end-to-end clinical trial financial software solution that provides fast, accurate insight from forecast to final payment.

Clinical operations staff can reduce time and resources spent on off-task financial and administrative duties by as much as 40%. With our proven full-service implementation process, site payments can be deployed in 6-8 weeks, while patient payments can be deployed in 4-6 weeks.

Unlike siloed solutions that only create ballpark budgets that don’t facilitate comparison to actual costs or can’t measure site satisfaction, Sitero’s Mentor Payments platform fills the “visibility gap” to provide insight and genuine control over your clinical trial costs, site payments, accruals, compliance, and reporting at every stage. Improve cash management and financial risk mitigation as well as site payment transparency, control and accuracy while reducing payment-related workload and costs.

Payment for Sponsors

Mentor Site and Patient clinical trial payments software eliminates the manual processes of integrating multiple systems for financial payments and tracking, simplifying what is typically a complex process. Gain visibility into your cash management with robust, evidence-based budgeting. Attract and retain high-enrolling, high-performing sites to your studies with fast, accurate payments, while using fewer resources with our clinical trial financial software.

Payment for Sites

Keep your sites happy by eliminating the uncertainty of payment status and lack of control. Sites will receive payments upon completion of data entry or other tasks and can submit payment requests to sponsors, as needed. They gain visibility into their entire payment history, facilitating cash management and eliminating the need for lengthy end-of-study reconciliations.

Payment for CROs

Overcome the industry-wide lack of visibility, accuracy, and automation of clinical trial financial activity. In this highly competitive space, our solutions can help differentiate your services to both sponsors and sites. Utilize this innovative, automated solution that seamlessly integrates systems and provides compliant auditing and reporting, all while achieving transparency into budget variance with minimal effort.

How Payments Work for Sites

Mentor Site Payments streamlines the payment process for global clinical trials, including creation of payable transactions, payments, accounting and reporting functionality. Sitero Site Payments can accommodate the complexity of global clinical trials from multiple vendors at sites as well as variability in contract terms across the world. The system acts as a single source of the truth, with data integrations from any EDC, CTMS, RTSM or ePRO. With our clinical trial financial software, payments can be made on-demand to quickly get funds to sites. With every payment, the site automatically receives a full remittance, reducing questions about what a payment includes.

How Payments Work for Patients

Eliminate the need for sites to manually pay and account for subject payments. Instead, provide prepaid debit cards that allow sites to compensate subjects quickly and efficiently through an online, automated application — without waiting for sponsors to first send the money to the site. Payments can be loaded onto the debit cards for immediate funds availability, which can be used to access stipend and travel reimbursement anywhere VISA is accepted (including ATMs). Patients can view transactions and debit card balances via the Patient Portal.