Mentor Grants Management

Our Mentor Grants Management Software is designed with advanced features to streamline the grant application process, allowing researchers to focus more on their work and less on administrative tasks.

Why Choose Sitero for Grants Management?

Grants management involves the strategic coordination of the entire grant lifecycle, from application to post-award reporting. Sitero’s Grants Management System simplifies this complex process, providing comprehensive support for multiple grant administrators, diverse grant personnel, and efficient handling of grant application and post-application documents.

Expanded Pre-Award Functionality for

Sitero is excited to announce a groundbreaking enhancement to its Grants Module, revolutionizing the grant search and application process. Through a seamless system-to-system integration with, our new Grants feature sets a new standard for grant application efficiency.

Updated features include:

  • Direct Access to Users can seamlessly explore and select research funding opportunities directly within Sitero’s Mentor Grants software, saving valuable time and effort in the quest for project grants.
  • Effortless Form Access: Downloading required application forms from is now a breeze within the Sitero platform, eliminating the need to navigate multiple websites.
  • Smart Form Conversion: Sitero simplifies the grant application process by converting downloaded forms into smart forms. These forms can be completed and submitted directly from the Sitero Mentor platform, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.

Sitero’s Grants Management Offerings

Sitero’s Grants Management System is not just a tool; it’s a transformative solution that optimizes the grant application process, ensuring efficiency and compliance throughout the entire grant lifecycle. Our commitment to continuous improvement means you’ll always have access to cutting-edge features, keeping you ahead of the curve in the competitive world of research funding.

Support for Multiple Grant Administrators

Tailored for diverse institutional needs, our system accommodates separate administrators for Government, Foundation, and Corporate Grants. Each administrator enjoys personalized instances with adjustable access levels, fostering a seamless and organized grants management experience. Administrators can choose to give either read only or admin access to their colleagues. Additionally, Principal Investigators (PI) have access to all their own grants on the same page, regardless of which Grants administrator they are working through.

Grant Application Document Management

Simplify the application process with our streamlined document management feature. Grant administrators can effortlessly designate essential documents, assign each to a specific person, and schedule timely reminders. With due date fields prompting Mentor email reminders, the process is not only organized but also proactive. Our system accepts email attachments directly from the responsible individuals, seamlessly filing each document under the respective grant upon receipt. To ensure real-time updates, Mentor can instantly notify the grants administrator via email upon successful document submission. Experience a hassle-free and transparent document workflow, enhancing the overall efficiency of your grant application process.

Effortless Approvals

Many institutions require approvals (by department chairs, deans, etc.) before a grant can be submitted. Mentor makes this easy. The grant administrator simply names the person whose approval is required with a due date. The administrator can then send an email from Mentor and can schedule subsequent reminders. The person who is so named can access the full grant (in read only mode) on the Mentor My Grants tab. When the approval is received, Mentor sends a notification to the grants administrator. The grants administrator can name as many approvals as needed.

Streamlined Communication

Utilize the integrated Messages page for seamless communication between PIs and administrators, ensuring a transparent and efficient workflow. Both the PI and the grant administrator can use the grant Messages page to communicate. Messages are sent via email and archived with the grant for later reference.

Grants Annual Report

Gain valuable insights with our insightful annual report (or any date range you select) summarizing funded and unfunded grants. Customize the report by filtering by school and PI, and leverage integration with the Mentor Faculty Activity Reporting System for enhanced reporting capabilities. A school version of this report can be displayed on the Dean’s page and a department version of this report can be displayed on the Chair’s page.

Comprehensive Personnel Management

Effortlessly designate primary PIs, co-PIs, and other personnel and assign specific documentation for each person. Our integration with the Mentor IRB system ensures smooth collaboration by seamlessly sharing certifications. For example, if investigators are required to submit human subjects training certification to the IRB, this certification will appear on the grant management personnel page for that person. Grant personnel can be internal Mentor users or external users.

Post-Applications Document Management

For grants that are funded, the administrator can list specific documents with due dates that need to be gathered over the course of the grant. The system proactively schedules email reminders aligned with due dates, ensuring not a single deadline is missed. Mentor Grants Management will accept attachments of these critical documents, creating a dynamic ecosystem where document management becomes streamlined.

Interactive Grant Timeline

Generate a dynamic timeline based on document due dates and approvals, enhancing project management for administrators. Mentor generates a timeline page based on all the due dates of the various documents and approvals. The grant administrator can also add additional items to the timeline. These can be simple notes for things that need to be done (calls to make, meetings to schedule, etc.).

Link to IRB Protocols

Ensure comprehensive compliance by effortlessly connecting any grant to related IRB protocols submitted by grant PIs. Seamlessly integrate research processes for a cohesive and compliant approach

My Grants Access for PIs

Primary PIs have read-only access to their grants on the My Grants tab, facilitating collaboration and document uploads. Each primary PI named on a grant has read only access to the grant record on the My Grants tab. If the PI is named as responsible for specific documents, the PI can upload those documents on the appropriate grant page.

Print to PDF & Zip File

Conveniently print and create a zip file of all grant records and associated files for easy documentation. This function allows the grant administrator to print all pages in the grant record to PDF and then create a zip file of these PDF pages, along with all the related files that have been uploaded to the grant.

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Experience unparalleled efficiency as Sitero streamlines the grant application process, simplifying complex workflows, and eliminating unnecessary administrative burdens. From document management to interactive timelines, each feature is meticulously designed to save time and resources, allowing researchers to focus on what matters most — their groundbreaking work.

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