Site Support Concierge Services

Sitero offers custom a la carte concierge support packages tailored to your trial and based on a site’s specific needs, such as additional program management, patient recruitment specialists, staff training, on-demand clinical study coordinators, and more.

On the site level – we support your study by providing solutions specifically tailored to each individual site, removing additional fees, and allowing you to select the site support services you actually need. Our team of experts will oversee and ensure proper governance and management of all concierge services. You will also have a dedicated point of contact to manage all aspects of the program and resolve any challenges.

Tailored Site Support Services

Sitero On-Demand Clinical Study Coordinator

Are your sites struggling to adequately resource your study? Sitero can provide trained and dedicated study coordinators who work exclusively on your study to maximize enrollment and quality. Resources are available for both short- and long-term support based on your study’s needs.

  • Overnight EDC Data Entry

  • Complete protocol related procedures and assessments

  • Develop source templates 

  • Ensure quality source documents

  • Patient education

  • Coordinate and schedule study visits 

  • Address patient and caregiver concerns

Sitero Patient Facing Study Portal

Sitero’s patient facing study portal boosts enrollment by building patient centricity into your study’s recruitment and retention process. With a study-specific webpage, both active and potential patients can learn more about the trial, find the nearest site location, and connect with Sitero’s patient recruitment team.

  • Patient facing micro-site

  • Site-specific patient facing materials

  • Site contact information

  • Patient notifications/calendar

  • Study communication to patients

  • Message from medical monitor

  • Study updates

Program Management

Sitero provides a dedicated Site Concierge Program Manager to oversee your study. Working in tandem with our clinical operations teams, the Site Concierge Manager develops and manages a site-specific plan for resourcing, patient recruitment, and patient enrollment.

  • Study specific site outreach

  • Identify site resourcing needs

  • Review of Screen Fail subjects

  • Create patient facing recruitment materials

Sitero Site Support

Sitero Site Support reduces the workload on clinical research sites to allow your study to reach more diverse populations. Sitero provides dedicated staff and training to the research sites based on their needs. Resources are dedicated to your trial to maximize enrollment and quality.

  • Patient Recruitment Specialist 

  • Site Services Specialist

  • Data Entry Specialist 

  • Sitero Site Staff Training 

Other Clinical Services

Biostatistics - Clinical Services Sitero


Sitero offers a full suite of biostatistics and programming services to support your clinical research needs across a variety of therapeutic areas and specialties.

Medical Writing - Clinical Services Sitero

Medical Writing

Sitero provides high quality medical writing services for Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Health, and Medical devices companies across the Globe. Our team of well qualified and experienced Medical Writers have deep experience in writing Regulatory, Clinical, Scientific, and MedCom areas.

Data Management - Clinical Services Sitero

Data Management

Our global team of clinical data managers, statisticians, and statistical programmers provides solutions that cover the process of collecting, validating, and preparing the data towards statistical analysis for clinical trials.