Sitero CRIO - Strategic Partnership - Press Release

Sitero and CRIO Announce Strategic Partnership

Sitero and CRIO have launched a strategic partnership to lift the administrative burden of clinical research for sites and sponsors while improving patient safety, experience and outcomes. The partnership revolutionizes trial execution by removing the need for manual, redundant and error-prone activities across the clinical lifecycle. By leveraging CRIO’s proprietary technology platform and Sitero’s deep Clinical expertise, the technology-enabled service provides a next-generation delivery model that manages key tasks such as monitoring, study startup, enrollment, data management and recruitment remotely and fully electronically.

Reimagining The Clinical Research Model

This collaboration brings together the two companies’ unique capabilities through a model that reimagines the outdated approach to clinical research that the industry has become accustomed to. By building a service that is fully integrated with CRIOs ability to capture and manage data electronically from the source, the joint partnership will avoid unnecessary redundancies and allow for real-time management and monitoring of trials on a global scale.

“We’re proud to collaborate with CRIO to elevate quality, speed and patient centricity in clinical trials with the support of our teams as experienced partners. Our unified solution will allow us to execute our trials more efficiently and allow us to be a strategic partner to CRIO’s site customers by providing data entry, query resolution and administrative support services that aim to free up research teams to focus on critical, value-added activities so they can bring treatments to market faster.”

– said Sankesh Abbhi, CEO of Sitero.

Turnkey Services & Technology Solutions

The partnership provides a turnkey services and technology solution that allows sites and sponsors to efficiently manage all aspects of the clinical trial process electronically and remotely, including recruitment, patient scheduling, data management, IRB & IBC services, eConsent, eRegulatory/eISF, eSource and patient stipends. Users can view and control these functions through an intuitive, integrated services and software platform developed jointly by Sitero and CRIO.

Data Collection Tools

CRIO’s diversity-driven data collection tools, together with Sitero’s specialized expertise, provide a platform to harness and manage existing data, from startup to closeout. As a result, study teams can minimize redundant tasks and free up staff time.

Raymond Nomizu, CEO and co-founder of CRIO, said:

“Now more than ever, sites and sponsors need a solution to manage all aspects of the clinical trial process. Our integrated solution with Sitero offers tremendous possibilities for sites, sponsors and the industry to reimagine clinical trial execution.”

About CRIO

CRIO is the leader in eSource technology, with a mission to streamline clinical research to bring new medications to market faster. CRIO has created a holistic paperless platform for conducting clinical trials that reduces data errors, streamlines regulatory workflows, and accelerates timelines. Today, CRIO supports more than 2,000 global medical research sites. For more information, visit

About Sitero

Sitero is an emerging leader in clinical services for the life sciences industry with over 100 customers and offices in the US, UK and India. The company has experience in a diverse range of therapeutic areas, with specific expertise in providing innovative, technology-enabled solutions that allow its customers to focus on their core strengths. For early phase studies through Phase III clinical trials, Sitero’s seasoned team delivers high-touch services and technology to ensure the safety of all stakeholders across the clinical research community with an emphasis on ethics, compliance, and innovation.