Sitero Launches Next-Generation IRB Delivery Model

MIAMI, FL — April 18, 2023 ( — Today, Sitero is excited to announce the launch of its next-generation Institutional Review Board (IRB) Services. Above all else, the ethical review of research should protect the participants who help advance science and improve the health of others. Such protections, and the faith in such protections, are necessary to establish and maintain public trust in the research community and in the scientific findings it produces.

A Fresh Approach to IRB Services

Sitero is committed to demonstrating central IRBs can be successful without compromising ethical research standards. We are proud to offer a modern IRB services platform that sets us apart from other providers in the industry through a unique offering built on innovative technology, quality, and transparent pricing. Our Sitero Mentor IRB software is designed to simplify the IRB submission and review process using predictive automation, resulting in increased efficiencies, more timely reviews, and cost savings in a space historically managed by manual and outdated business process.

With our subscription pricing model, clients can easily budget and plan trials without the stress of unexpected fees that are prevalent in the industry today. Our commitment to customer service and quality is at the core of our business model, and we strive to provide exceptional support and guidance to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience without compromising on a foundation of ethics and compliance.

As our growing customer base further adopts our innovative IRB solution, we are excited for our next-generation technology, simplified subscription pricing model, and customer service focus to continue to set us apart from the competition. Our mission is to promote collaboration between institutions, sponsors, investigators, and IRBs to ensure the safety and well-being of research participants are always our top priority. We believe a strict separation of board decisions from business interests is critical to providing the best service to researchers and producing high-quality, trustworthy scientific results.

We are excited to announce Dr. Ronald Januchowski, D.O., as Sitero’s IRB Chair. Dr. Januchowski is the Associate Dean for Medical Education at Via College of Osteopathic Medicine and comes to Sitero with more than 13 years of experience in IRB Services. Dr. Januchowski brings a wealth of experience to the Sitero IRB Board with his previous work as an IRB Chair and extensive medical background.

“The industry needs a new IRB service model and Sitero is committed to providing innovative technology-enabled solutions to make our IRB services visible and ultimately accountable to research participants,” says Sankesh Abbhi, Sitero’s CEO. “Our IRB team partners with our customers to create a patient-centric approach that removes barriers, supports informed consent, and empowers participants,” continued Abbhi.

Integrated IRB and IBC Services

Integrated IBC and IRB services are integral for efficiency. By combining these two critical components of ethical research oversight and biosafety, we are streamlining the review process for our clients through our Sitero Mentor compliance technology platform. Our integrated services offer a single point of contact for sites, study sponsors, and investigators, reducing the administrative burden and allowing for more efficient and effective communication throughout the review process. Additionally, our experienced team of experts provides personalized support and guidance to help ensure that all ethical and regulatory requirements are met, from initial study design to ongoing oversight. We believe our integrated IBC and IRB services will not only enhance the quality of research conducted but will also help advance the development of new treatments for patients.

About Dr. Ronald Januchowski

Dr. Ronald Januchowski is a licensed and board-certified Family Practice physician with extensive experience in medical education and training. He has more than 13 years of experience in IRB Services and currently sits as the IRB chair for Spartanburg Medical Center and Sitero. Currently, Dr. Januchowski serves as the Associate Dean for Curriculum, Assessment, and Medical Education at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Carolinas Campus in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Dr. Januchowski maintains his Family Medicine clinical practice at Spartanburg Regional Center for Family Medicine.

Dr. Januchowski has held several leadership positions throughout his career, including Osteopathic Director of Medical Education and Director of Student Medical Education at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Carolinas Campus. Dr. Januchowski received his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993 and completed his Family Practice Residency at Womack Army Medical Center in 1998.

About Sitero

Sitero is a next-generation, site-focused CRO that helps the life science industry get treatments to market safer and faster through tech-forward services that streamline research. Sitero’s clinical, drug safety, biosafety, and ethical review services drive compliance and innovation for more than 100 customers worldwide. Sitero partners with clinical trial sponsors across therapeutic areas and from early-phase studies through late-phase and post-market research. Sitero combines the expertise of a tenured team with a nimble, innovative approach to clinical research. Sitero has offices in the U.S., U.K., and India.