Webinar On-Demand: Reimagining Clinical Trials & Improving Patient Safety with eSource Technology

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In this On-Demand Webinar we discuss how patient safety and overall trial execution can be improved by leveraging eSource technology to perform continuous monitoring in clinical trials. With eSource technology, sponsors and CROs can benefit from streamlining clinical trial operations and improving patient safety and CRAs can carry out centralized, remote clinical data review and monitoring which frees up their time on site, to focus on patients and the critical aspects of clinical trial oversight.

The greatest benefit of eSource technology is the ability to access study data in real-time. Reducing the monitoring review timelines is essential for early risk and issue detection. Resolving issues in real-time enables corrective action for all patients, not just preventative action for future patients.

At the end of this webinar, attendees should have a better understanding of:

  • How eSource allows for better clinical data
  • What continuous monitoring is and how it’s used
  • How continuous remote monitoring improves patient safety

Reimagining Clinical Trials & Improving Patient Safety with eSource Technology

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About the presenters

Takoda Roland
Director of Clinical Operations | Sitero 

Takoda has over 10 years of clinical research operations experience at various CROs. Throughout his career, Takoda has focused on maximizing the latest technology to streamline clinical trials, standardize data collection, and improve patient safety.

Megan Richards
Manager, Customer Experience | CRIO

Megan has 5 years of clinical eSource operations experience, having been involved in many sponsor-driven eSource studies as well as countless site-based eSource implementations. Megan is committed to and manages the team responsible for ensuring customer success with CRIO’s solutions.

Jonathan Andrus
President and COO | CRIO

Jonathan has 27 years of industry experience and has been involved in all facets of the design, development, and deployment of clinical trial technologies having been in senior management positions in technology-enabled vendors. Jonathan is also engaged in initiatives aimed at improving and streamlining the clinical trial data collection process, including the decentralized trials and research alliance (DTRA), the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM), eCOA Consortium and frequently interacts with regulatory agencies and health authorities on topics in and around eSource and clinical trial execution.